Tree Pruning and Cutting

Why pruning and cutting a tree is good

It is good for the tree

Most trees and shrubs need to be pruned or trimmed once or twice a year.

Pruning trees and trimming shrubs helps create a healthy, strong, and attractive plant. It can encourage new growth and flowering. Pruning off dead or diseased branches may improve the health of the plant. Cutting a tree back or shaping it may be necessary for tree conservation.

A bad pruning job is like a bad haircut; it hurts the overall appearance of the tree and takes a while to grow back.

A bad pruning job may also kill a tree. Notice how the lichen has grown around the old branch cuts. This was not done by us.

It is good for you

Is there a tree limb that is in your way? If so, are you tired of stooping under it? What if one day you forget to duck your head? Have you tied it back with a rope? What if the rope snaps and hits you or a guest?

Pruning tree branches can:

this tree could use a pruning
This picture was taken in the summer. It is obvious that this tree has dead wood. It could use a trimming and shaping.

Our crew has the know-how and the tools to do the job right.

More ways that tree cutting and pruning can help you.